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Professional System Tune-Up Service.

The Tech Heads trademark is an ultra fast, uninterrupted, smooth result for your computer. It's like changing the bag on your vacuum cleaner - your computer will operate so much more efficiently after we clean all of the metaphorical dust and cobwebs out of it!

Many of our clients remark how dramatic the improvement of their start-up speed is; and the performance improvements in general computing (and online) after we've given it a tune-up.

The only downfall will be that you won't have time to go and get a coffee after you press the power button.

We know you're busy - and who wants a lagging computer?

Tech Heads aims to get the absolute best out of your computer and a quick 'tune up' is a quick, easy and cost effective way to get better performance out of your system.

This is entirely up to you, you can book it in for an hour or two (if it's really bad), and we can give your computer an immediate speed boost!

This service is charged at our standard technical rate of $70 per hour (GST inc.), plus call out fee and is available both onsite and by remote services (no call out fee for remote access).

The goal with this service is to be a cheap and effective way of pumping some extra performance into your computer; getting your computer performing great once again.