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Backup, backup, backup!!!!... then some more.

Tech Heads computer technicians are trained experts in the area of backup! and for a good reason too.

On average we'd see at least 3-4 failed hard disks every week, most likely more...

In fact, it is much better practise for your home or office to expect a hard drive failure, because in most cases it's not a matter of 'if' you will experience a hard disk failure, but 'when'.

Please feel free to talk to our professional data recovery team if you have a failed hard disk. Sadly though, these services are often very expensive, depending on how your drive has failed.

PREVENTION is the best cure! As such we have the mantra Backup, backup, backup! and if you still aren't sure, backup again!

Our professional technical team can help you to set up a great backup system that operates completely automatically (on a schedule) or at the 'double click' of a button.

This service is charged at our standard technical rate of $70 per hour (GST inc.), plus call out fee and is available both onsite and by remote services (no call out fee for remote access).

In most cases we can set up a simple to use home backup system in less than half an hour, although, as always, please feel free to give us a call (or email us) to discuss your backup needs.