Computer Repair Services.

Tech Heads offers a comprehensive range of computer repair services.

Our specialist technicians can diagnose and repair problems on most platforms.

Once our technicians have successfully diagnosed the problem we'll be able to provide you with a free, no obligation, 'no pressure' quote to do the computer repairs for you.

On-site Computer repairs

Desktop computer repairs

We're so confident in the technical ability of our technicians that you can be sure that your computer problem will be resolved very professionally; with a great result that really lasts.

Most computer repair work is completed on-site in your home or office; often with repairs completed on the spot!

Occasionally complicated repairs are completed in our office, although we're very proud of our incredibly fast turn around time.

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Pressure-free IT help!

Our technicians provide expert advice to suit your needs & budget.

Solve your IT problems for now and the future.

For urgent service

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Please note: priority service on emergency issues will incur additional expenses.

Priority & after hours service is calculated at +30% upon standard rates.

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