Our company history.

Leading Tech Heads IT Services is company director Anthony Parker.

Anthony launched Tech Heads in 2010 in response to a seemingly massive hole in the industry for reasonably priced but high quality home IT services.

Of Australian descent he was born and educated in Victoria, Australia.

As a qualified IT specialist he has an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia from Swinburne University of Technology, and a Bachelor in Information Technology & Systems from Monash University.

The history of Tech Heads IT services

Tech Heads, the past, present & future.

Anthony's interest in computers started at a young age building his first computer at 12 years of age for his aunt.

Despite working in the industry for over 10 years, he still gets excited at the prospect of new products, services and new challenges in both business and IT.

Having previously worked in IT sales roles, learning from the best, his customer service skills are second to none, assisting anyone with a range of issues in a range of backgrounds from childcare centres, to retirement villages.

Please see Are You a Tech Head? to find out what qualities we look for in our team; if you believe you have the skills necessary to join our team.

Personally speaking, Anthony is a big music fan and enjoys playing drums in various bands, both originals and covers throughout Melbourne.

He has a strong interest in healthy living, fitness & sport, frequently participating in charity fun-runs with his family and friends, playing basketball and travel.

Anthony would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have supported Tech Heads over the years, our suppliers, his educators (from Swinburne and Monash) and especially family & close friends.

Thank you.

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