Professional data recovery services.

Has your hard disk failed? Our experts can help with professional data recovery.

If you haven't had Tech Heads store your data or set up a proper backup system for you; and you can't access your files because something has gone wrong... don't stress... we can help.

Our specialist team in data recovery can perform the simple and sometimes very complex operations involved to extract your business documents, photos, accounting data and other files.

Failed hard disk, data recovery services

Professional data recovery services

Data recovery is treated with utmost priority, as we understand that in many instances the data is irreplaceable and usually both urgent and very important.

If your hard disk is experiencing head crashes, PCB failure, clicking noises or sounds like it is trying to boot up but failing; scratching or making other general noises that indicate that it's not working, please call us today.

Tech Heads professional technicians can give you an idea of what it will take to get the data back, an approximate cost and an ETA on how long it will take to do.

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